Election Time is Coming in 2009

My late father, a wise sage in his own right, used to say “Never comment about politics or religion wherever you travel”. Strangely enough, I have adhered to his principals and words of wisdom over the years, but it doesn’t stop me from enjoying the hype and mania around election times. I was in Yogyakarta for the first democratic elections in Indonesia and it was fabulous to say the least. Indonesian television aired political programmes, broadcasted live from political rallies, banners for the different political parties hung from houses in the respective areas around town, and in the streets vendors were selling related products from their stalls. What I found delightful and fascinating was the motorbike rallies from each party who took turn riding trough the centre of town proudly displaying the party’s banner and the riders dressed in political party colours. No doubt next year’s election will be no different. There is a plethora of new political parties in the upcoming election with 34 political parties vying for seats in the House of Representatives and eighteen new political parties qualifying to take part in 2009.

Photo Credit: www2n.biglobe.ne.jp