Dodol: Bali

mini-clbo8-b-1038.jpgYou will often see on the streets in Indonesia men carrying a bamboo pole on their shoulders from which is suspended a basket either end. In these baskets are small packages wrapped in bundles of ten and fifteen. These are the sweet delicacy known as Dodol – a sweet toffee made of sticky rice, coconut milk, and palm sugar. Made of flour with white or black sticky rice, they are wrapped in a sheath of dry corn and rolled in small wraps measuring 10 cm long with a diameter of 2 cm. After being rolled, both ends are fastened with bamboo strings. A big bunch of Dodol will cost you Rp22,000 whilst a smaller bundle will set you back Rp5,000. Naturally, my wife, Candika, having a sweet tooth, decided to buy ten large bunches in Bali for us to take back to Yogyakarta.

mini-clbo8-b-1040.jpgOf course I had to purchase some more just to devour whilst relaxing and writing!.