Diving in Indonesia

It has been a while since I have been below the briny and I truly miss it as diving in Indonesia is an experience of a lifetime and with over 17,000 islands to choose from, there are copious amounts of dive-sites each with its own special delights and clarity of water. Interestingly, there are about four thousand species of fishes in the waters of Indonesia and that amounts to about one fourth of the total species of fish found worldwide. In fact, the wealth of marine life is amazing. The coral reefs off the islands in the archipelago are, in the norm, pristine and both patch reefs and barrier reefs can be found. I can truly state that besides the extraordinary marine life, Indonesia has the best coral reefs in the world. I have dived at a lot of locations in the archipelago but without a doubt, two of the best are Raja Ampat and Bunaken. Of course everybody has their own special place where they have enjoyed the best dive experience of their lives. As I mentioned earlier, there are literally thousands of dive sites and still a lot are yet to be discovered.

You can travel from the tip of Sumatra where the diving is superb, down to Nias where not only the surf is fantastic, so is the diving. Java has some superb reef dives although the currents are fierce at times, however, it is when you go further east to places like Bali, Lombok, the Maluku Islands and through East Nusa Tenggara where some of the most superb diving can be found. With the popularity of this sport, a lot of the best dive spots have tour-operated establishments where accommodation is provided and gear all found. You can even learn to dive and receive certification at these dive-resort establishments.

I have my favourite dive sites as most probably you do but for those of you who are yet to experience seeing seahorses and manta rays, a plethora of colour from the numerous fish species, to sharks and even whales whilst diving in the lukewarm waters, I have included a website (below) for you in this article so you can choose your next diving adventure. But if you do so happen to get to Raja Ampat then I strongly suggest that you check out the dive sites of Batu Lima, Misokon, Chicken reef, Cape KRI and Manta Point.

Website: https://www.asiadivesite.com/indonesia-dive-sites/