Cycling in Bali

mini-cycle1.jpgThere is no doubt about it, getting out on the open road on a bicycle is one way of getting healthy. It’s not only that, you can travel at your own pace, stop when you want to revive the body (especially after ascending rather large hills!), and, breathe in the fresh air. I am just about up for a new Mountain Bike but somehow I can’t see me managing to ascend hundreds of feet up a mountainside or take on jungle tracks on two wheels now that I am a tad older!. Nowadays I much prefer cycling the streets. Everywhere you go in Indonesia you will see the locals and some tourists getting out on the road and peddling. There are places in the tourist strip where you can hire bicycles and even some of the upmarket hotels have them for hire. In Bali, there are specialised tour groups that can take you around the island in safety, show you places you never thought were there, and on top of that, these groups generally supply you with lunch and drinks. If you are the super-healthy and adventurous type then there are also those groups that specialise in the areas of rugged terrain.

Cycling is a great way to see Bali, whether it be for a day or a few days. Here is a few sites you can check out for cycling in Bali:

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