Cultural Week: Tolitoli, Central Sulawesi

Tolitoli district in Central Sulawesi province will host a province-wide cultural and tourism week on June 15-21, an official said. “Ten districts and municipalities from throughout Central Sulawesi will take part in the cultural week. As a host, we are in the process of making a performance arena,” Head of the Tolitoli District Culture and Tourism Office Hasan Dg Manippi said.

He said the event`s organizers were now constructing a 192 sq meter stage at the coastal village of Baru in Baolan Subdistrict. The stage would serve as a performance center for all art and cultural activities.

The event held as part of cultural and tourism promotion campaigns would among others present traditional art performances, literatures, songs and dances, all of which would have coastal nuances, he said.

Such cultural and tourism week was last held in Parigi Moutong District according.

Source: Antara News