Crystal Jade My Bread: Central Jakarta, West Java

crystal.jpg Many of us may have experienced the enjoyment of sipping a cup of green tea either at home (maybe rarely) or at a Chinese restaurant somewhere in the capital. No doubt, everyone will agree that green tea is really refreshing.

However, I doubt if many of us have ever tasted a green tea custard pancake. The Oriental favorite offers a unique flavor to every bread-lover.

If you are curious about it, Crystal Jade My Bread provides the answer.

Opened in Jakarta on Jan. 31 this year, Crystal Jade My Bread is designed to give bread-lovers the opportunity to choose whatever cakes they desire from a 40-square-meter outlet.

Items range from Hong Kong-style buns and Chinese cakes to international bread and pastries.

“At our outlet, we also allow customers to see how our chefs do the baking. Customers can view the whole process through a glass window,” special assistant to managing director Stella To said.

The outlet has a contemporary design, a combination of Asian style with modern touches. The cakes, bread and pastries are displayed on glass shelves that occupy the front of the store.
Crystal Jade My Bread not only sells cakes and bread but also cookies, Chinese Dim Sum and bakery packages for special occasions like birthdays or weddings.

“Normally, our baking corner (kitchen) can produce 45 items per hour. However, we produce fewer items on Mondays,” Stella added.

Among the favorites are BBQ Chicken Po Lo Bun, Hong Kong Cup Cakes, Butter Loaf, Cocktail Bun, Wasabi Chicken Floss, Egg Salad Chicken Floss Bun and dessert cup, including Tiramisu and Mango Pudding.

The outlet also offers a wide range of healthy items such as Super Healthy Loaf, Black Sesame Cup Cake, Mini Black Sesame Cake and Mini Wheatgrass Mousse Cake, among others.

“This is in response to a growing awareness among the public over their health,” Stella said, adding that more and more people visit the outlet to purchase Oriental cakes.

Items like Almond Tulip, Pistachio Cookies and Cashew Nut Cookies are also available.

The shop, Stella says, provides a reasonable range of items. At around 60 to 70, however, this is still below the 200 to be found at the Singapore outlet.

For those who can only visit Crystal Jade after office hours, a late visit to the shop could be lucky as it offers special discounts from 8.30 p.m. onward.

At present, Crystal Jade My Bread is for take-away purchases only. In the next couple of months, however, there will be a Bakery Cafe where customers can enjoy cakes and a choice of drinks in a comfortable sitting area.

Those who wish to try Oriental cakes on the spot should wait for about two months when the Bakery Cafe is scheduled to open.
Those who can’t wait may grab green tea pancakes and taste them anywhere.

Crystal Jade My Bread
Plaza Senayan, 3rd floor, Unit 302C
Jl. Asia Afrika
Central Jakarta
tel: 5725117

Kurniawan Hari