Chinese Delight: Tanjung Benoa, Bali

One place I found whilst exploring Tanjung Benoa was a beautifully constructed Chinese temple, or Klenteng.


Klenteng Darma Yasa is located to the east of the northern most point of the peninsula. At fist glance, it is striking in its bright red colour although you will find this to be the case when you visit most of the few Chinese temples on the island of Bali.

Three separate areas contain the Chinese deities. Candika was extremely pleased at finding this place with me. The resident monk explained in which order to pray. I just thought that any Bhuddist naturally knew how to do this in every temple but it seems there are different deities in each temple across the archipelago of Indonesia.

After praying, Candika burnt some paper in the Tungku. This was, as I was informed, as asking for good luck from the Gods.