Botanical Gardens: Ubud, Bali

Ubud village always conjures up the idea of a unique artistic village, a haven for art lovers and one of the most pristine areas on the island of Bali.

Filled with sophisticated palaces with their grandeur traditional architectural styles, lines of art shops selling works of masters, museums, galleries and European-style cafes and boutiques, Ubud has been transforming from a quiet Balinese village to a “world village.”

The name Ubud originated from the word ubad, meaning medicine. Despite rapid progress and outside influence, the Balinese still strongly believe in the healing powers of their traditional medicine. Blessed with abundant herbs, colorful flowers and thousands of tropical plantations, Bali island is a “real” botanical garden indeed.

Just 1.2 kilometers from the heart of Ubud, you can visit a new botanical garden.

Developed by German-born Stefan Reisner and businesswoman Faizah, the garden is a unique tourist destination as well as a retreat for Ubud residents. Pathways and steps meander through five hectares of natural ravine, which include an orchid garden, a vast collection of ferns, palms, bamboos and tropical trees, an Islamic garden and other features. You can also enjoy a walk through a maze and visiting the lily and lotus ponds.

“It was established to safeguard Bali’s precious flora and to enhance environmental consciousness,” explained Reisner, an author of several books and publications. In addition to the botanical garden, educational programs are in the process of development for the benefit of the public.

The garden’s amphitheater can be rented as a venue for weddings and other events. “Travelers can come to a standstill after thousands of miles of noisy travel,” Reisner said. “Our botanical garden is like a palace with the sky as its roof and many different rooms, secret chambers, galleries and staircases.

The visitor wanders through changing vistas and experiences, is encouraged to trespass into nature. This is the message of our garden.”

Reisner was inspired to develop the garden by the works of Peter Joseph Lenn‚ and Duke Pickler, who created the Royal Gardens in Potsdam and Berlin, his native town in Germany.

For information contact:

Stefan Reisner and Faizah
Kutuh Kaja, Pondok Bunga, Ubud
tel: (+62 361) 970951, (+62-361) 7463389;
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