Bandar Lampung: South Sumatra

A majority of travellers that enter Sumatra generally bypass Bandar Lampung and go direct to Palembang or Bengkulu or one of the other major cities. But, Bandar Lampung it is a city worth stopping at for a few days. The capital of the southern province of Lampung, it has an estimated population of around 750,000 people and is located at the southern tip of Sumatra just across the Sunda Straits from Java. It is from here you can arrange a tour or alternative sea transport to reach the world famous volcanoes of Krakatau and Anak Krakatau. Lampung Bay is a peaceful place and the offshore islands afford excellent opportunities for snorkelling and diving. There is also an array of beautiful and secluded beaches.

Other attractions in Bandar Lampung include:

1. Thay Hin Bao – A beautiful Chinese temple with magnificent ornate statues. Travellers are welcome to observe the various prayer rituals and even join in if they wish.

2. The Krakatau Monument – Located in a small park on Jl. Veteran, the monument is a very large metal buoy that was washed up on the shores nearby in 1883 in the course of a tidal wave following the eruption of Krakatau that claimed 35,000 lives.

3. Museum Negeri Lampung – This museum houses a large collection of cultural artefacts, Kris and megalithic statues.

4. Bukit Randu – One for the hikers. On top of the summit you will get a great view of the surrounding bay area. Try not to attempt this in the wet season.

5. Pasar Bawah – Traditional market selling all manner of goods. Well worth browsing around and buying some of the excellent produce.

6. Bundo Kanding Plaza – Not your usual upmarket plaza but an excellent place to browse and shop. Sells traditional market fare.

7. Pasir Putih Beach – Located about 10 klms out of town on the southern tip, it is not really as the name interprets (white sand) but rather a great place to arrange boats to travel to the outer islands such as Pulau Kondong.

Bandar Lampung is also an excellent base for travelling to the Way Kambas National Park where you will find the Way Kambas Elephant Training Centre. Here you can see the elephants engaging in football and sporty activities, and, for the adventurous, explore the beauty of the national park.

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