Bambu Nusantara 2 World Music Festival: Bandung, West Java

I was reading an interesting article today and if you are a connoisseur of Indonesian culture and especially music then the upcoming Bambu Nusantara 2 World Music Festival is one attraction that you really can’t miss. It is n international bamboo music festival and as you know there are various types of bamboo instruments played in the islands across the archipelago, each region or island having its own. For instance, on the island of Bali it is the Angklung and very popular with tourists buying them as souvenirs. Angklung also has a special place in a gamelan orchestra. My favourite is the saluang or flute from West Sumatra. Of course there are those bamboo instruments that are a percussion type such as the calung from West Java. Other types are the kulintang from North Sulawesi. The list goes on. Bandung is the perfect setting for this festival as it is the cultural centre of West Java and steeped in the arts.

Bambu Nusantara 2 World Music Festival
Sasana Budaya Ganesha
Bandung Institute of Technology

Date: Oct. 11-12.

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