Bali Orchid Garden

entrance-bali-orchid.jpgLocated on Jalan Bypass Tohpati can be found a spectacular place to visit – the Bali Orchid Garden. As a great lover of anything connected with flora and especially Orchids, then I am there checking the place out. It is a fabulous place and a delight to wander around the beautifully landscaped gardens. Bali Orchid Garden was opened in 1999 and was founded and developed for PT Anggrek Anyar by experienced orchid growers David and Dorothy Dowd. It is Bali’s original Orchid Garden developed specially for overseas and local tourists, complementing the government botanical garden and is situated within easy reach of the main tourist hotels.

Here’s a little from their website explaining this magical place: This beautifully landscaped Orchid Garden is situated within the green belt close to Sanur, Bali. The hectare of landscaped tropical gardens provides a peaceful, relaxing environment where exquisite orchids bloom throughout the year. The botanical garden is open for individual tourists, tour groups and private functions. Within this relaxing tropical garden haven grow many different tropical plants from Cordylines, Bromeliads, Heliconia, Aroids, Pitcher plants (nepenthes) and many, many more from Indonesia and abroad. Orchids range from showy cattleya and vanda hybrids to a large range of Indonesian species. Bali Orchid Garden offers a number of services such as landscaping, Tours and hosting of special functions. The souvenir shop is well stocked with a wide variety of products for sale.

orchid-garden.jpgFriendly staff are available to escort and explain the wide variety of tropical plants, help you discover many orchid treasures while touring the garden, or assist with your purchase of a memento from the shop. Flower boxes can be ordered to take overseas. Floral arrangements and plants are also available for local use. Discuss your requirements for any of our products with our sales staff. Bali Orchid Garden is committed to preserving the orchid species of Indonesia. A new partnership with Bogor Botanical Garden has been formed to propagate these species and ensure they will be available for future generations of orchid enthusiasts. Flasks of plants are available through Bali Orchid Garden, a proportion of the sale being used to promote the program of preservation. The garden’s well stocked souvenir shop offering products as diverse as jewellery, hand painted T-shirts, paintings, candles, honey, flasks of orchid plants and Tastes of Indonesia Kopi Luwak, made from the finest arabica coffee beans and exclusive to Bali Orchid Garden.

Boxes of tropical flowers including Heliconia, Anthuriums and Orchids purchased to take home have full export clearance papers provided and can be delivered to your hotel. Visit our florist shop, Toko Bunga Tropicana, in Sanur where arrangements and bouquets of flowers for those special occasions can be purchased.

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