Bali International Fashion Week

mini-wulan-gurinto.jpgI have never been one for fashion and much prefer to buy what feels comfortable and durable. It always amazes me how certain people in society just have to have the latest fashions even if the style only lasts a couple of months!. But, that’s a matter of lifestyle choice. I have better things to spend my money on, like travelling. Last year, Bali played host to the first Bali International Fashion Week at the Sheraton Nusa Dua Convention Center in the Nusa Dua Holiday Resort. Good news for all you fashionistas, Bali will be hosting the second Bali Fashion Week to be held at the Grand Bali Beach Hotel from May 9 through to May 13. It will prove to be a fabulous event with dozens of Indonesian designers, garment producers and jewellery makers from the United States, European and Asian countries, Australia and Canada, and of course those international buyers looking for a bargain!. I reckon this would be a fantastic opportunity for any up-and-coming designer to get in on the action, so to speak. And, if you are not a designer but merely a purveyor of fashion, then go along anyway.