Bali Blades: Kuta, Bali

bali-blades.jpgOver the years upon my travels in Indonesia I have procured many Indonesian knives, Kris and the like. Some are antiques whilst others are mere keepsakes. One part of my office looks like an arsenal!. A while ago I was contacted by the owners of Bali Blades in Kuta and after reading their website, it will be one of my first stops when Candika and I visit the island soon.

Here’s a little from their website:

Bali Blades, a knife maker from Indonesia, is one of the leading designers of handmade custom and art knives. Knives are more than weapons. They are also symbols of courage and honor. In Indonesia, knife can talk about the intensity relation between the knife and man’s character, the knife and nature, the art performance and the devotion to the ancestors and inheritance.

We make the design of each pieces based on brave story behind it. The inspiration for knives comes from epic tales of Indonesians. A knife that we create could therefore talk about the voice of the heroes from all over Indonesian Archipelago and reveals the beauty of it.

These sophisticated, traditional design, yet functional knife are artistically combined with decorated and carved handles which were made of materials: deer stag, rare and strong woods, and buffalo horn. The handle is fits and comfortably and feels second nature in the hand. The ornate carving on the surface of the blade and on the hilt is made by hand and represent the uniquely carving style from each region in Indonesia, from Bali the Paradise Island, Java, Sumatra, Papua to Kalimantan the Wild Jungle Ever Island where knife is their lives.

Their workshops are located in Bandung-West Java and Jakarta, Indonesia. They have 40 professional workers with good experience in manually making knives and all that is a good thing in my books. The technique of sharpening and cutting is under guidance from Institute of Technology Bandung. Staggeringly, their current production capacity is about 300 knifes monthly!.

Alamat: Jalan Legian 141, Kuta

Tel: +62 361 758056