Aussies Stream Back to Bali

Now why doesn’t that surprise me!. After all, it’s almost on their back doorstep and of course damn cheaper to go to the paradise island than it is to travel in their own country – especially if you live in West Australia where it’s only a 3 and a half hour flight. Cheap as chips and much cheaper than taking their hols in the bush or holidaying interstate.

Western Australia and Victoria are performing well for Garuda, which flies from Sydney, Melbourne, Perth and Darwin, but Western Australia remains Bali’s biggest holiday market. Not surprising huh!. Visiting Bali is like visiting a pseudo-annexed island of Australia. No shit!. But, as they say – “Bali is not Indonesia” – even though it is an island in the archipelago of the republic; this beautiful country.

I often wonder just what percentage of those ‘tourists’ who visit Bali have even bothered or even thought of seeing other islands in the archipelago. They are surely missing out on some beautiful experiences and visual delights, not to mention the interaction with the kindest and most interesting people they are likely to ever meet.

Oh well, their loss.