Asia for Animals Conference: Sanur, Bali

All of us, at one time or another, have just gazed in awe at the beauty of the animals and birds in their natural environment upon our travels in Indonesia. There is nothing more delightful and exciting that trekking through a jungle and seeing a troupe of monkeys scampering through the trees or a flock of brightly-coloured birds splash across the lush green foliage. Sure, we can go to zoos or animal parks and see these species but it’s not the same as being in their habitat. Unfortunately it is a habitat that has gradually eroded over the decades due to forest clearance, and the latest killer, palm oil plantations. The upcoming conference will be held at the Sanur Beach Hotel from 27th until the 29th of August. Topics that will be covered are Animals in Research, Zoo-Check Work in Asia, Stray Animal Management, Farm Animal Welfare, Tackling the Wildlife Trade, Rescue Centre Operations, The Role of Government Agencies in Animal Protection, Media & Communication Strategies for NGOs.

Of particular note and moreover interesting the Bali Zoo will be the main point of discussion and this is mainly due to its transformation from being dilapidated and often insensitive of the animal’s natural habitat, to being respected and admired around the world. Tony Greenwood of Pinjarra’s Peel Zoo is involved in the sustainable rehabilitation, rejuvenation and revitalisation of Australian and International flora and fauna on a daily basis.

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